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Chiranjeevi Silver Filigree takes pride in presenting an exceptional range of Silver Filigree products to our customers. Filigree is a handcrafted work that entails kneading, twining, and melding precious metals likes of which the world has not seen before. Owing to the craft’s rich heritage, These products are made with the world’s best and skillful hands, and we bring this long-lost art and an age-old tradition back with our efforts.

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Our Products

Our exquisite range of collections includes Corporate gifting, Marriage Gifts, Pooja Articles, Temple works, and Antique Silver Jewellery. Our collections are made with utmost care and entail the kneading, twining, and melding of precious metals.

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With the expertise of more than 2 decades in the industry, we are certain of the commitment and quality that we deliver.


Keeping our heritage alive, we help artisans raise the status of Filigree Jewellery to the most.


The products are made with the world’s best and skillful hands, making sure that each piece that you receive is of exquisite quality.


It takes close to 300 to 4500 man-hours to make a single piece, marking the exclusivity and uniqueness of every product.

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1000 +
200 +
Exuisite designs
50 +
Artisans in the network
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Customer Reviews

The Filigree works that i have received from Chiranjeevi Filigree works are outstanding and remain new and glowing to this day. I recommend them for their excellent service and their respect for the craft.

We have received immense amount of praise and love for the gifts that we handed out on our daughter's wedding, all thanks to the best Filigree works from Chrianjeevi's Filigree. We throughly recommend them.

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