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Chiranjeevi Silver Filigree

brings to your doorsteps an age-old tradition, an almost forgotten and lost art – the Filigree. With an upright mind to rejuvenate the art of Silver Filigree, we have been working with utmost dedication to bring out the best of this form to the consumers.  With decades of expertise, our artisans have mastered the art of Silver Filigree, which has been passed down through the generations for the last 400 years.

Keeping the precious

intricacy as well as the unique style in mind, all the products are tested well on various quality parameters to present the best of the best. Our collection is diverse with various categories like Corporate collection, wedding collection, Temple works, Pooja Ornaments and Antique Jewellery. Chiranjeevi Silver Filigree leaves no stone unturned to present the exquisite collection to its customers.

With age-old techniques

like kneading, twining, and melding of precious metals like of which the world has not seen before. These extraordinary works of art held and transferred as heirlooms are a result of long hours of meticulous work by dedicated hands.


Indian culture is embellished with many varieties of jewelry, and filigree work is one of the most enchanting forms which have been created by craftsmen for ages. Both decorative objects and designer jewelry made with filigree have been fascinating people with their beautiful designs. Filigree basically refers to gold or silver wires interwoven to make a lace-like decoration. It is considered to be the perfect form of art to be used for arabesque designs. It found mention in Archaeological finds in ancient Mesopotamia that indicate its use in jewellery since 3000 BC.

Silver Filigree Work, which is crafted in pure metal in Telangana is an important craft in the state, well known for the intricate designs and modern patterns made out from thin silver wires. Karimnagar in Telangana has been the traditional center of the Silver Filigree Work.

The craftsmen behind the silver filigree work in Telangana work with elaborate and detailed designs using lace-like filigree work and remarkable traceries. Apart from intricate jewelry, these crafts, with the help of silver filigree work also make refined perfume containers, “pan daans”, “hookas”, jewel boxes, and other decorative pieces.

Every item of filigree is handcrafted by committed artisans depending upon the complexity of the design. The matrix of the design is first hand-drawn with pure silver wires; gossamer-thin silver filaments are then melded onto it to form an ethereal work of trellis. These 3D designs are outcomes of long hours of meticulous and painstaking handcrafted work. It takes close to 300 to 4500 man-hours to make a single piece.

The process is laborious, demanding and time-consuming, to say the least. It is a special art that requires skill and precision, time and attention. First, the outer pattern of the ornaments is traced on paper. This helps the artisans access the size and definitive form of the ornament. Next, extremely fine silver wire is twisted, looped, cut, coiled and curled with hands to follow the design on the paper. Bit by bit, one piece at a time, thin silver wires are put together to create a design.

Looping, nipping, weaving, plaiting, piling, filling and twisting… are all processes that are used in creating desired designs. All the separate pieces of silver wire are then carefully soldered together. Uniformity, evenness, and neatness are highly important and hence the artisans have to carefully avoid any mistakes that could break the patterns.

It is a versatile art form. Flora, fauna, geometric patterns, impressions of nature, and inspirations from all sorts of forms can be given shape with filigree. The possibilities of filigree are as wide as imaginations and inspirations can be.

Chiranjeevi Silver Filigree

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Committing itself to the promotion of filigree, Chiranjeevi Silver Filigree envisions a bright future for the art and the artisan community. We intend to scale this art form to a global level and take this rare art form to new heights.

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